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 M.G.I.T. Japan Co.ltd.


September 14th 2004


Director Gino Moshe

MGIT is a leading fully-fledged Aromatherapy and allied products company in Japan. We are the earliest pioneers who first brought about the greatest range of delightful Aroma lamps and diffusers onto the wholesale and internet markets in Japan.

With fanciful selections of traditional, modern, exotic designs, we have gradually become the one-stop shop for those who aspire to bring home something a ‘little different’.

Our designs and business have constantly innovated according to latest trends and you’ll never know what we’ll think of next! Every piece we bring back tells a story and reflects the history from the region it originated.

As the quality demands of our customer base grow more advanced over the years, we have taken strategic steps to consistently improvise our products and services. We operate our business with high ethical and technical standards. We seek to provide you the best possible creative concepts and professional service.

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